There are two process to produce the prints.  One  is pigment ink printed on fine art paper using very high end specialty inkjet printers which can print over 4 million individual dots of ink in each square inch of paper.  This technology has been perfected over the past 20 years, and now these type of printers offer the greatest color palette and longevity of any photographic medium.  The paper is specifically chosen for it's surface characteristics, resulting in a print of amazing clarity as well as the richest and truest color possible. These prints are offered in two formats, either borderless or with traditional borders.  Borderless prints are cold mounted to acid free foam core.  Traditional prints list the actual size of the finished work as well as the dimensions of the border.  Sizes up to 30x40 are delivered using museum T-Hinge mounting to acid free foam core as well as a single layer traditional white matt. 

The other option (available soon) is face mounted prints where special "metallic" paper (called metallic because of the look, not because it has metal in it) is printed using conventional photographic processes. This print is then specially bonded directly to a piece of museum glass or acrylic (depending on the size) using a special optically clear mounting system.   After bonding to the glass, the print is sealed from airborne pollutants like ozone which has been proven to be a significant factor in the fading of traditional photographic prints.  The glass is larger than the print, leaving a clear border around the image.  When framed correctly the matt board used in the back of the frame will be set back from the piece of glass ... the final effect makes the image appear to float between the glass and back of the frame.

Each image is sold in one of 3 edition types, and priced accordingly.


Accent prints are meant to be just that ... images used as smaller accents in the decor of a home or office.  As such they are smaller (the largest size available is 30"), and are open editions (not limited in the quantity that can be sold).


Decorator prints are some of my better work and can be purchased in some smaller sizes for use as accent or in larger sizes to be used more as a focal point in the decor of a room or office.  These prints are available in sizes from small to large, the minimum and maximum size for each image is based on subject matter and other factors.  Images in this series are limited to editions of 500 prints (combined of all sizes, not 500 of each size like many others who offer "limited" edition work). 


For the discriminating buyer I offer my collector series.  These images represent my finest work, both artistically as well as technically.  They are intended to be a focal point when used in the decor of an office or home, thus the minimum long dimension of a collector series print is 40". These images are only available as finished "pieces" which includes my trademarked framing options, available in different styles to fit the location you will be displaying the art.   Please contact me for details. The total printing of each image is 250 prints of all sizes.  Because of the small edition size the price increases as the edition sells, after 100 pieces are sold, again after 175 pieces are sold and then for the final 10 (after 240) of the edition.